Midtown MMA Houston

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Summer Camp

What is the age requirements for Summer Camp?

Boys and Girls Ages: 6yrs-9yrs or 10-14

Summer Camp

Where do the kids go on field trips?

We take weekly field trips to amazing places that the kids LOVE! Field trips include Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Natural Science, Houston Zoo, Movies, Bowling and more! The kids always look forward to field trip day and have something to work towards.

Summer Camp

Does my child need to have any previous martial arts experience?

Your child does NOT need any previous Martial Arts experience to join our awesome Summer Camp Program but will leave here a changed person with great experience they will cherish the rest of their lives!If your child has never done martial arts before or has never exercised, this will be a great start becoming a member of our Martial Arts Summer Camp.

Summer Camp

Will my child learn REAL martial arts or something fancy that looks cool but doesn't work?

Watch as your child grows in confidence, learns how to deal with bullies, practice stranger danger, develops life skills with our weekly themes, and begins their journey to black belt. We guarantee your child will improve leadership qualities and a positive attitude at Midtown MMA Houston Kids Summer Camp.


“Isn’t Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu dangerous? I’m not that type of hard core person.”

Office Professionals, Stay at home parents, Law Enforcement, Parents, and Children; anyone from any background can train with us at Midtown MMA Houston. I have trained with all the above mentioned and then some. You do not have to be one of those hard core people to train with us. You do not have to be in the best shape of your life. You do not have to have rippling muscles either. I do guarantee that with hard work and dedication, you WILL have an AMAZING change in your fitness level. If you want results, we can help you get those results while learning an amazing way to defend yourself. 


“Will I be training with a big mean MMA guy that will hurt me?”

From kids to adults, our programs instill respect. We DO NOT tolerate negativity or bad attitudes. We train hard, we train smart, and we train safe. Egos and attitudes have no place at Midtown MMA Houston. You will see more smiles and hear laughter at Midtown MMA Houston. We are a TEAM and we take care of our team mates. We are not just any team; we are a part of a bigger team, Team Tooke and in affiliation with Ribeiro Jiujitsu